President Of the Board

Brig. Saikat Roy

The Station Commander of the Army is the Ex-officio President of the Cantonment Board. At present, Brig. Saikat Roy, is the President of the Jhansi Cantonment Board.

The Duties of the President are as follows:

According to Section 21 of Cantonments Act, 2006 following are the duties of President Cantonment Board—

1. It shall be the duty of the President of every Board—

a. unless prevented by reasonable cause, to convene and preside at all meetings of the Board and to regulate the conduct of business thereat;

b. to control, direct and supervise the financial and executive administration of the Board;

c. to perform all the duties and exercise all the powers specifically imposed or conferred on the President by or under this Act; and

d. subject to any restrictions, limitations and conditions imposed by this Act, to exercise executive power for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act and to be directly responsible for the fulfilment of the purposes of this Act;

e. in case of gross misconduct during the course of meeting, to suspend a member other than a Chief Executive Officer from attending the unconcluded part of the meeting of the Board.

2. The President may, by order in writing, empower the Vice-President to exercise all or any of the powers and duties referred to in clause (b) of sub-section (1) other than any power, duty or function which he is by resolution of the Board expressly forbidden to delegate.

3. The exercise or discharge of any powers, duties or functions delegated by the President under this section shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations and conditions, if any, as may be laid down by the President and to the control of, and to revision by, the President.

4. Every order made under sub-section (2) shall forthwith be communicated to the Board and to the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command.